How To Catch More & Bigger Bass Without Confusion, Sinking Countless Dollars, & Hours Of Trying.

Transform Your Bass Fishing & Experience Others Asking You What To Use.

Bass Fishing Secret Principles Revealed.....

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What You Need To Know About The Story Behind This Course

The Drive To Catch More Bass

I used to only fish for trout with my dad, but we would go bass fishing usually one time a year in the spring at Lake Powell. I grew tired of trout fishing, and always yearned for catching more bass. One day at the conclusion of our annual bass trip I had an inner awakening. Why am I only fishing once a year doing my favorite thing? Where are more places closer to home where I could catch bass? I went online to find answers to my questions, and was incredibly disappointed.

What I Discovered Really Works For More & Bigger Bass

I decided to document my own learning on my blog, and after a few years discovered there are pieces to the puzzle to know exactly what to use, and how to get bass to eat. I shared those discoveries online and my following grew and people started hiring me to help them. While on these hired guide trips I saw something else regurlarly that shocked me.

Most people don't spend the time, and try to skip over the most important elements for catching bass. These people didn't understand foundational principles for bass fishing. I found myself saying the same simple things over and over, and watching it transform their fishing success. Even those who thought they knew a lot about fishing. With that realization I decided to create this course to help more people.

The results have been incredible. I've been blown away from the comments and testimonials that come all the time about how helpful this course has been. I receive emails with pictures of bass, and stories of epic trips from students who have applied the knowledge in this course. You can use this course to make fishing fun again and have awesome bass fishing all year long. Experience the same success by joining the waitlist.

Here is what others have to say...

Real Fishermen, who went from frustrated to stoked on catching more bass!

"Kraken Bass has helped me find places to fish, given me more confidence, and improved my success on the water."



"My family is so excited to get out more fishing thanks to the things we have learned. J.B. is a master. "



"Highly recommend. Well worth the money. It has given me so much more confidence to know I'm working my baits right to get bas to bite."



Elevate Your Bass Fishing Without Throwing Your Money Away To Sponsored Products That Don't Work.

"This Framework For Bass Fishing Has Changed Me From A "Struggle Bus" Bass Fisherman to a Professional Bass Fishing Guide."

JB Spilker - Product Designer, Professional Bass Fishing Guide, & Founder of Kraken Bass

Learn My Secret Step By Step Process To Catch The Big Ones

This System Includes The Following To Encompass Everything You Need To Catch Bass Better Than The Rest

Secret Stuff To Set Yourself Up Right for Bass Fishing To Hook Up On More Bass Than You Ever Have Before - Rods & Reels, Fishing Line, Essential Tackle, Lures/Baits Basics, & Resource Shopping Guide.

Secrets For Operating & Managing Your Equipment To Avoid Catastrophic Big Bass Losses - Using Baitcasters, Spinning Gear, Best Fishing Knots, Adding Line to Reels, and Tackle Transportation.

Avoid Guesswork And Know When To Deploy Baits & Techniques To Catch Bass On The First Cast- Softplastic Worms, Softplatic Craws, Swimbaits, Hardbaits, Bladed Baits, & Topwater.

How to Make Your Lures Imitate Real Bait Precisely For More Bites Than The Other Guy In The Boat - Drop Shots, Texas Rig, Wacky Rig, Carolina Rig, Work Your Bait Perfectly.

How To Detect 80% Of The Bites Other Fisherman Miss - You are getting more bites than you realize! Land more Fish, Along with Fish Care, & Conservation to keep catching them.

Completely Understand Bass Behavior To Get On The Feeding Frenzy Epic 30+ Bass Days - Seasonal Patterns, Weather Conditions, & Choosing the Right Bait All Year Long.

How To Find The Best Fishing Spots No One Else Knows About - Avoid skunks, & learn why your'e not catching fish.

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