"Learn How to Haul in MORE BIG BASS Than You Ever Have Before Without the Guessing, Countless Hours of Trial, and Wasted Money."

Learn from a professional bass fishing guide, founder of krakenbass.com, and fishing product designer, as he shares the secrets to catching more & bigger bass that you can start using today!

Mainstream Bass Fishing is Broken Which is Why You Struggle to Catch Big Bass.

"There are plenty of bass for everyone! You can catch them all year long regardless if you are in a boat, kayak, or on the bank. I even love catching them on a paddle board!"

JB Spilker - Professional Bass Fishing Guide

Did you know fishing generates more revenue than Google, Chrysler, or Lockheed Martin per year? It's true! The economic impact of bass fishing in the United States is more than $115 billion each year!

Most people think bass fishing is easy to figure out with all the free information from paid pros, sponsored YouTubers, and big companies. It's really the opposite. Those professionals really want to sell you everything they are paid to promote in order to generate more sales for these already giant companies.

What this means is that you will never get a straight answer about what to use. They are paid to promote items whether they work or not. They definitely won't tell you how and what they really used to win, due to their scarcity mentality.

Luckily for you, there's now a solution: The Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing. This is a brand new online course designed to transform your bass fishing by eliminating all the fluff that clouds the waters of the bass fishing industry. With this information, you'll get the real facts so you immediately catch more bass.

9 Ways You Can Break Free From What Is Limiting You To Catch More Big Bass with the Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing Course

Here are the secrets to bass fishing the pros aren't telling you,

all revealed and outlined in this course:

  • Learn bass behavior secrets to get on the bass before anyone else, meaning people will start asking you what you caught them on.
  • Know what baits you need to always catch bass so you don't waste more money and can finally afford more time off to go fishing.
  • How to find the best bass fishing holes so you can catch the biggest bass in the lake. Then, you could enter tournaments.
  • How to rig and fish baits perfectly to get tons more bites so your family will have more fun outside bass fishing instead of becoming screen zombies.
  • Learn what you need to set yourself up precisely to catch more big bass. Avoid purchasing poor equipment to help you save your hard-earned money.
  • Learn to catch bass when no one else is so you can confidently go fishing anytime. Even if you hear they aren't biting, you can feel like "the man".
  • How to detect bites other fishermen always miss and teach your children how to catch bass so you can leave a legacy of amazing fishing memories your children will never forget.
  • Know the secrets to operate and manage bass fishing gear so you can avoid catastrophes on the water. This way, you will spend more time fishing instead of untangling lines.
  • Know the secret tricks to hook up one more bass without the bass getting away so you won't have to worry about getting skunked again.

7,000+ People Have Transformed Their Bass Fishing

Real Fishermen, who went from frustrated to stoked on catching more bass!

"Kraken Bass has helped me find places to fish, given me more confidence, and improved my success on the water."



"My family is so excited to get out more fishing thanks to the things we have learned. J.B. is a master. "



"Highly recommend. Well worth the money. It has given me so much more confidence to know I'm working my baits right to get bas to bite."




Bill said

" Thanks for this course. I learned a ton. I think one of my problems is there is too much info out there. Keeping it simple and fishing with fewer bait types may be wiser until I get better at it. I've had best success with drop shot and ned rig. I also lose more fish than I catch - especially the larger ones and I know more now on how to properly set the hook. The concept of reeling down was lost on me prior to now. I'll let you know how I do as we move forward. I also like how the course was set up and I can go back to certain sections to review my learning. The course was definitely worth it in my opinion. Thank you!"



Brent said

"I found this course to be very interesting and I learned so much. There is so much information out there on bass fishing that it boggles my brain. It was awesome how he put all that nonsense a side and just taught the basics. Over the last year I have spent hundreds of dollars on things I "thought I needed" and come to find out i didn't need it after all and not so sure I will ever need it. Wish I could have taken the course before I would be several hundred dollars ahead. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to get started catching bass. Well worth the money to me. Very professionally done. Good job. "



Ben said

" Very windy day but fishing was good. We fished 6 of your spots and caught 15 fish in 4 hours.... can’t thank u enough!"



Jaxon said

"Used your techniques from your videos out at the hollow and got a big one!"



Wade said

"Bass fishing is new to me and I've been second guessing how to rig and fish a lot of baits. But now after taking the course and getting a new rod set up and fishing it I have a whole new level of confidence. Plus I love that I can go back and rewatch all of your videos."



Jared said

"The course is great! I knew nothing about bass fishing. I just went out Sunday, and had countless bites and landed 6. Not Too Bad! "


So What's Included To Elevate Your Bass Fishing?

30 Bass Fishing Transformational Training Videos

Re-watchable, lifetime access, review at your own pace. Step-by-step condensed 5-minute tutorials.

Section 1:

How to set yourself up perfectly to catch more bass

Section 2:

How to operate & manage your gear to catch more big bass

Section 3:

What baits you need to always catch bass

Section 4:

Secrets to fishing and rigging soft plastic lures

Section 5:

How to hook up on more bass without them getting away

Section 6:

How to find the best bass fishing holes

Section 7:

Bass behavior secrets to lock on the bass before anyone else

Section 8:

How to catch bass when no one else is

See These Bass Fishing Transformational Student Testimonials & A Full Inside Tour Of The Course

Save Yourself Hours & Hours Of Trying to Piece The Bass Fishing Mystery's Yourself From "Professional/Online" Advice All Aimed At Selling You More Baits You Don't Need!

Plus, You Will Also Receive These 5 Free Bonuses!


Bait Selection Mastery eBook

How to know exactly what you should use to immediately catch bass:

  • Know the perfect baits to use to catch 'em quick so you can have more fun while out fishing with your friends,

  • Learn when certain baits work better than others in different conditions to catch bass all year long so you won't experience the shame of coming home empty,

  • Understand why certain baits work so you can think like a bass; this means you will catch more bass than you ever have before.

Normally $47.00


w/ Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing


Uncovering Secret Bass Fishing Spots

This eBook will show you my 7-step formula for finding those secret holes the pros don't tell you about:

  • Learn the right areas that will always have bass you can catch so you don't waste your time fishing unproductive water,

  • Know what baits will help you find bass faster so you can pinpoint precisely where they are and catch as many as possible,

  • Discover what cover bass like to hide in so you can cast to the perfect spot every time and experience the thrill of catching more of those big ole bass.

Normally $25.00


w/ Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing


Bait Selection Secrets Cheat Sheet

Read the water with precision to know what technique to deploy with the highest probability of triggering the bass to bite:

  • Learn what conditions to pay attention to so you can read the water to know what techniques will trigger the most bass to bite,

  • Know what baits will produce the big ones as your environment changes so you can keep catching bass all day long,

  • Discover how bass behavior changes with their surroundings. This will get you bites when no one else does as they keep using the same techniques over and over, causing them to struggle.

Normally $20.00


w/ Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing


Big Bass Tackle Essentials

Know The Proven Essential Pieces Of Tackle To Produce More & Bigger Bass Without Wasting Your Money Trying More & More Stuff

  • Learn the essential tackle you need to hook up on more bass, so you don't keep missing bites,

  • Know what baits will consistently produce the big ones, so you don't have to keep buying and trying spending hundreds of dollars,

  • Discover what fundamental gear will universally work everywhere to successful fish from the bank, boat, or kayak to stick more big bass.

Normally $20.00


w/ Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing


Color Selection Mastery

Discover the secrets to never worry about using the wrong color again.

  • This eBook makes it simple for you to know what color to use to catch bass on the first cast no matter what lure,

  • Provides insights for when bass will eat certain colors to know when to swap colors to keep catching bass.

  • Gain confidence your baits are always the right color, so you can catch the big ones at any lake

Normally $20.00


w/ Secret Foundations of Bass Fishing

All of this for only $197 ($329 Value)

Today's price: $97

Warning: Limited Availability Offer Is Over Sunday 11:59 PM

My 30-Day

Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee the results from all of my bass fishing programs. If you try this program for 30 days and you are not happy with the results, we will refund you. All you have to do is send us an email with your request.

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