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  • Create lasting memories and bonds with family and friends outside on the water

7,000 + Have Transformed Their Bass Fishing With Kraken Bass

Real Fishermen, who went from frustrated to stoked on catching more bass!

"Kraken Bass has helped me find places to fish, given me more confidence, and improved my success on the water."



"My family is so excited to get out more fishing thanks to the things we have learned. J.B. is a master. "



"Highly recommend. Well worth the money. It has given me so much more confidence to know I'm working my baits right to get bas to bite."




Bill said

" Thanks for this course. I learned a ton. I think one of my problems is there is too much info out there. Keeping it simple and fishing with fewer bait types may be wiser until I get better at it. I've had best success with drop shot and ned rig. I also lose more fish than I catch - especially the larger ones and I know more now on how to properly set the hook. The concept of reeling down was lost on me prior to now. I'll let you know how I do as we move forward. I also like how the course was set up and I can go back to certain sections to review my learning. The course was definitely worth it in my opinion. Thank you!"



Brent said

"I found this course to be very interesting and I learned so much. There is so much information out there on bass fishing that it boggles my brain. It was awesome how he put all that nonsense a side and just taught the basics. Over the last year I have spent hundreds of dollars on things I "thought I needed" and come to find out i didn't need it after all and not so sure I will ever need it. Wish I could have taken the course before I would be several hundred dollars ahead. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to get started catching bass. Well worth the money to me. Very professionally done. Good job. "



Ben said

" Very windy day but fishing was good. We fished 6 of your spots and caught 15 fish in 4 hours.... can’t thank u enough!"



Jaxon said

"Used your techniques from your videos out at the hollow and got a big one!"



Wade said

"Bass fishing is new to me and I've been second guessing how to rig and fish a lot of baits. But now after taking the course and getting a new rod set up and fishing it I have a whole new level of confidence. Plus I love that I can go back and rewatch all of your videos."



Jared said

"The course is great! I knew nothing about bass fishing. I just went out Sunday, and had countless bites and landed 6. Not Too Bad! "


How I Discovered What Really Works For More & Bigger Bass

"This course builds upon itself to get you to a level where you can confidently go bass fishing without worrying if you'll catch any, so you can catch bass in your lakes all year long."

  • JB Spilker

I struggled for a long time bass fishing. So I decided to document my own learning on my blog, and after a several years picked up on pieces to the puzzle to know exactly what to use, and how to get bass to eat. As I shared those discoveries online and my following grew and people started hiring me to help them. While on these hired guide trips I saw something else regularly that shocked me.

Most people don't spend the time, and try to skip over the most important elements for catching bass. These people didn't understand foundational principles for bass fishing. I found myself saying the same simple things over and over, and watching it transform their fishing success. Even those who thought they knew a lot about fishing. With that realization I decided to create this course to help more people.

The results have been incredible. I've been blown away from the comments and testimonials that come all the time about how helpful this course has been. I receive emails with pictures of bass, and stories of epic trips from students who have applied the knowledge in this course. You can use this course to make fishing fun again and have awesome bass fishing all year long. Experience the same success by joining the waitlist.

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